How To Enhance Your Business Network Security

Until recently, many people thought cybersecurity was a discussion for only large businesses. However, 2021 statistics show that 43% of cyber-attacks target small US businesses due to lower defenses than large organizations. Cybercrime costs small and medium US businesses over $2.2 million annually. This form of attack is becoming more common, and no business is completely out of the woods. Consider these useful tips to enhance your business network security. 

  1. Train your staff 

To minimize the risk of network intrusion, you should consider training your staff, who are your business’s first-line defense. Getting your employee acquainted with the best network security practices and making your business’s stance on security clear from the get-go is also necessary. Additionally, educate your staff on the need for maintenance services and take care of their devices.

A survey suggests that 15% of company breaches came from missing or lost devices. Therefore, ensure your employees use company-provided gadgets and prevent hackers from using their personal, vulnerable personal devices to penetrate your system. You can also take advantage of the many network security courses online to train your staff. 

2. Keep your network systems updated

Regularly updating your network systems may seem a no-brainer, but the benefits can be enormous. Cybercriminals are always finding ways to penetrate and cause harm to your network systems. As a result, developers keep updating their applications and tools to seal any potential flaws in your current systems. For this reason, it is best to regularly update your network systems and tools to protect your business. For instance, keep all your company’s PCs, tablets, servers, and other devices up to date with the most recent security patches and fixes.

3. Consider your tools 

Your business utilizes several tools, so ensure your network infrastructure is protected from unauthorized access or breach. For example, routers are not typically shipped with the maximum security settings enabled. So log into your router and use encrypted settings to set a password that makes it difficult for intruders to break into your network. Hackers can also use wireless attack vectors to breach phones without tricking anybody into giving up permission. However, you won’t have to worry about your phones getting bugged when using two-way radios in your workplace. Although this may not be ideal for every work environment, devices like Motorola mobile radios offer safe and secure communication. 

4. Go cloud 

The cloud is a safe place to store your valuable business data. The security system ensures you protect your data online via cloud computing platforms. This way, you can protect your business and client data from theft, leakage, and accidental removal. Cloud security has increasingly become popular, with approximately 90% of enterprises using remote databases to secure their data. Storing your information via the cloud can keep it safer than using a hard drive on your own network. 

These tips are a few ways to enhance your business network security. Irrespective of your approach, the goal is to keep your business safe. Assess your network and figure out the best solution to keep it safe.

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