About Us

The idea for BRC started when two founding members, working as HR professionals, wanted to bridge the feedback gap they saw in managers receiving feedback from their employees. With a foundational belief in honest 360-degree feedback, the idea continued to grow into providing a community for all workers to be heard and to have a better understanding of one of the most important people and decisions in your life…..your boss.

How we got started?

Boss Report Card conducted interviews, researched market data and managerial evaluation trends. We compiled this information and transformed the research into survey criteria that is simple to understand while leveraging evaluation effectiveness of our identified key managerial attributes. These areas of evaluation have been identified to be both, in our opinion, areas that are both important to employees and companies.

What is the goal?

The goal of Boss Report Card is to build a technology platform that builds an open and honest community around individuals experiences. We want to provide a platform that provides information in a format that is both easy to understand and relevant to help our users.


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