Frequently Asked Questions

We will not share our report cards with individually identifiable user information. At our core having reviewers feel safe to share open and honest feedback is core to the platform and this must be protected.

An account will let you have more control over the reviews you have created. This includes being able to follow bosses, see all reviews you have posted, and edit reviews you have posted.

No, we want our users to feel secure in leaving a review so individual logins, user names, or any other identifying information will not be displayed on the individual report cards.

If you have an account on the account screen click on the Graded Bosses link to see all bosses you have left a report card for.

No we are not currently using any other photo systems to upload. We are currently not offering other social media logins either.

Boss Report Card reserves the right to reject reviews or censor words that we deem offensive. Boss Report Card will not edit a report card to change outcomes of the review but may replace curse words with an asterisk or other symbols.

You can edit your review only if you are logged in, however at this time you cannot remove a review entirely. In your account page if you click on Graded Bosses you will see an option to edit the review. Should you need to remove a review please navigate to the Contact Us page and submit your request under the Other option.

Next to Individual Report Cards there is a link that says What do they Mean? The link will open a pop up on how we defined each area of evaluation.

Didn't find answer you were looking for? Send us your questions directly on our Contact Us page.

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