Office Additions To Bring Some Joy To Your Workplace

Your employees are your business’s biggest asset. And that’s why it’s important to invest in their happiness. While creating a safe work environment is important, it’s also important to bring a little happiness and energy to your workplace. 

Some simple touches could make your office a happier and more sociable place to work, giving people a reason to come into the office. Take a look at some of these office additions that will bring some joy to your workplace.

Add a coffee bar

For a lot of people, coffee is an everyday necessity and forms an essential part of office culture. So why not install a coffee bar in your office? With the right coffee-making equipment, coffee tools, and a range of snacks, you can create a fully functional coffee bar that your employees will love. It can also be a great space for your teams to have both formal and informal meetings.

Create a gym or workout space

Providing a workplace gym can bring a lot of benefits to your business. It can make it easier for your employees to stay active, boost morale, and even increase their energy levels. Not every business can afford a workplace gym, but creating a dedicated workout space can be ideal for smaller offices, or for a minimal-equipment solution. This space can be used to host classes, including yoga, or for employees to conduct their own workouts. Having this sort of space available can be a big boost to your business, making exercise more convenient for workers, and protecting their mental and physical health too. 

Make your workplace more sociable

A sociable workplace allows employees to make connections and get to know each other – something that can help them work more collaboratively too. Creating a sociable workplace doesn’t have to just mean after-work drinks on a Friday night, there are a lot of activities you can host that can help bring your teams together. 

From lunch clubs to dress-up days, there are a lot of fun workplace social ideas to help you bring your teams together. Try to cater for different interests, and ask different members of your teams to manage different activities to help lighten the load.

Encourage desk-free lunches

While working through lunch can sometimes be inevitable, it shouldn’t become the norm for your workplace. Encourage desk-free lunches to help your teams take a proper break at lunch. Having a well-equipped break room can help encourage employees to have lunch together, and during the summer, you can encourage employees to take their lunch outside and benefit from being away from the office.

It may seem like a simple idea, but having a good screen break will give your employees the chance to recharge and leave them more energized to make it through the rest of the day. Encourage this from your employees as they enter the company, and continue to set reminders out to your teams if you notice they aren’t getting enough time away from their desks.

Introduce an office dog policy

If there’s one thing guaranteed to bring joy to your workplace, it’s a dog. Dogs can have a lot of benefits for your workplace – they can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and may encourage people to get out and do some walking. 

Having a dog-friendly policy, even if it’s just once a week or once a month, could make a huge difference to the mood in your office. Explore more of the benefits here:


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Make desks more comfortable

Most office desks should be equipped with the basics your employees need to be happy and healthy at work, but is there more that can be done to add to your employees’s comfort in the office? Allowing workers to decorate their desks themselves can make a big difference to their comfort in the office, as can having specialist equipment. From standing desks to allowing treadmills, being flexible with people’s workspaces could mean they enjoy coming to the office more, compared with working from home.

Creating a happy workplace can bring some huge benefits to your business. Not only will it help enhance productivity and potentially reduce turnover, but it could also help your employees stay well at work. Consult with your teams about ways the office could be made more enjoyable and focus on bringing some joy to your workplace.