How To Find Sustainable Pieces For Your Interior Design Clients

Are you an interior designer with lots of sustainability-loving clients? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Even if clients aren’t requesting sustainability efforts, it is good to offer them. It will help you help the planet. If your business is not thriving right now, it will be when you pursue these efforts.

Using this guide, you can find the top tips to offer more sustainable pieces to your interior design clients.

Check the efficiency of furnishings

It makes sense to check the efficiency of furnishings before you suggest them to clients. If you don’t, you might risk recommending items that aren’t sustainable or good for the planet. Using a Carbon footprint calculator for furniture is a great way to estimate the efficiency of pieces within minutes. 

This will guarantee that you offer the most sustainable services and pieces for clients. When you get clients who want to achieve the most sustainable interior, you can be sure to do so.

Understand sustainable materials

One must remain up to date concerning the latest sustainable materials being used in the interior design field. For example, certifications such as FSC, Greenguard, and Cradle to Cradle, just to name a few. This knowledge will help guide the designer towards sustainable products for your clients when they ask for something specific. 

Research eco-friendly brands and suppliers

You should be on the lookout for various forms of companies and connections that have been put into place to handle eco-friendly matters. These are particular companies that embrace environmental conservation to a large extent; they are always on the lookout to maintain the environment in their surroundings. 

Unearth any manufacturers who are sure to ensure that they use materials that are less dangerous to the environment and those that are ready to adopt methods of production that will be good for the surroundings These companies are the ones you should be looking for to ensure that you get started on environmental conservation. 

Attend any trade shows or other networking events to be certain that you get to come across varieties of eco-friendly products when you meet with them, and they will explain to you how you can get products that complement such. 

Use upcycled or reclaimed pieces

Choose to embrace the incontestable allure that any piece of reclaimed and upcycled furniture offers. Instead of searching for similar designs, look for recycled furniture made from salvaged materials as well as vintage finds and those that have been refurbished or reconfigured with many uses as a result. 

Because of the way it has been peerlessly recycled or reconditioned, it will take on an inarguable charm that some of the most common types of modern-day furniture may not be capable of meeting. 

Using these tips, you can be sure to achieve sustainable interiors for your clients. You can be sure that the materials and furnishings you use are environmentally friendly so that you can protect the planet and fulfill client requests.