Training: Your Career Superpower

Why is it that high-flying people always seem to be able to land the jobs they want, wherever they go? It’s not just because they have experience or a large network. It’s because they have the proper training too. 

Training is a career superpower. It’s the only real way to be your own boss because when you have the right training, you’re free to work for whoever you like, including yourself. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the benefits of professional development and why you absolutely need it. 

It Gives You Skills You Can Sell Anywhere

What are workers? Fundamentally, they are people who sell their time for money. They show up to work every day and, in return, somebody sends them a paycheck in the post. 

The problem with most jobs is that people feel locked into them. If they left, people wonder where they would go. It doesn’t matter how much skill a person gets in a low-skill job, there will always be dozens of people there willing to take their place. 

Going to phlebotomy training school, though, changes the dynamic. Once you complete the course, all of a sudden you have the skills to perform medical work that very few people can do. This way, you can increase your bargaining power in the marketplace and seek out employers who treat you better. 

The same applies to any other kind of professional training. The deeper you go into it, the rarer are the skills that you develop, and the more the market is willing to pay for your services.

It Motivates You

All human beings need to feel like they are progressing in their lives. If everything is static, they feel like waxwork models in Madame Tussauds. There’s not enough life in what they are doing. 

When you get training, though, it motivates you. Suddenly, you have something that you can work towards and use to grow. Training shows you how to get to the next level in your professional development, letting you continue your upward trajectory. 

It Teaches You About The Risks That You Face

Whenever you are embroiled in a career, it’s always a good idea to understand the risk environment so that you know what is likely to happen in the future. Risks can be to do with your work or the market as a whole. Once you’ve had training, you’re better able to keep yourself and your colleagues safe. 

It Makes You Want To Stick Around

While millennials love jumping from one job to the next, it’s not necessarily a good idea. For starters, it is stressful moving all the time. On top of this, if you change jobs every six months or so, you can never really see projects through to fruition. It may actually hamper your career, experience and ability to add value to future employers. 

Professional development, though, forces you to stick around. There’s always a reason to stay with your current employer if you are progressing. 


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