How To Take Business Signage To The Next Level

Business signage forms a key element of any brick & mortar business. Be it a restaurant, cafe, retail store, etc. signs are crucial for attracting attention and generating customers. 


You think you know how to develop good signage, but here are three tips to take things to the next level:

Make it digital

Digital signage is the way forward because it can be manipulated way more than traditional signage. If you have traditional signs in your business, they only show one thing. With digital signs, you can showcase numerous different things throughout the day. 


It’s easy to use digital signage; all you need is a TV screen. From here, you can order things like Looptv to – effectively – transform this screen into a digital sign. Simply upload the different signs you want to display, configure a schedule, and they will show on the screen. Place these screens in your front window display and the signs can be seen by passers-by. Likewise, put a couple of screens inside your business for interior signage. 


Make it dynamic

Similarly, you can take your new digital signs and make them dynamic. What does this mean? Essentially, you will change the display depending on different factors. The idea is to present signs to people that are relevant to them. 


For example, you could have signs that are based on a specific holiday or theme. During St. Patrick’s Day, make your signs relevant to that. Or, you can use the weather to create more dynamic signage. When it rains, change the digital signs to reflect offers for consumers relating to the rain. If you run a retail business, you could suddenly display signs showing a discount on waterproof clothing. If it’s sunny, your signs display information on products that are relevant in hot weather – like sunscreen, drinks, etc. 


Make money out of it

As mentioned before, you could have interior signage in your business. Now, the purpose of this is slightly different from any signs shown to the outside world. With TV screens in your front windows, you want to attract people into your business. Once they are here, your interior signs can be used in multiple ways. 


Yes, they can still advertise offers and point customers to your best deals. But, they can also show adverts or deals for other businesses. Make sure these businesses are non-competing ones! The idea is that other local companies pay you to advertise for them. You get some extra money, and they may get some more customers. It doesn’t affect your business performance because you are advertising other local businesses that do not compete with you in any way. 


For instance, your retail business could advertise for the local coffee shop nearby. People come to you, buy their goods, and then they now know where to go for a nice coffee after. It’s mutually beneficial for you and the businesses you partner with


In essence, you’ve got a couple of tips here that help you take your business signage to the next level in the digital age. Then, the final piece of advice helps you get more from your interior signage, earning some extra money on the side. 

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