How Can You Be More Productive on Your Computer?

Spending hours each day at a desk, working on a computer, is something that so many of us do. Whether we’re entering data into a database, writing articles or reports, or programming software, working with a computer is often what takes up the majority of our time. Finding ways to be more productive when working can help to improve our working lives, and there are many ways you can get more work done when you’re working with a computer. No matter what device or operating system you’re using, there are methods you can use to speed up your working process and be more productive.

Sort Through Processes and Files

Taking a close look at the processes and files that your computer is using to run can be an important part of speeding it up. You can discover processes that are taking up too much processing power or memory when you don’t really need them or files that are taking up too much space. If you use a Mac, finding system files that could be taking up a lot of space can be tough. But you can follow the steps here if you want to find them. Just make sure you know what you’re doing because you don’t want to accidentally delete anything critical.

Keep Everything Up to Date

If you don’t keep your computer updated, it can slow everything down. Not only that, but it could also leave your computer vulnerable. When it’s not up to date, it can leave vulnerabilities for malware and hackers to exploit. So it’s essential to make sure your operating system, software, drivers, and other important things are updated regularly. Setting up automated updates is often the best way to do it. If updates are scheduled to perform while you’re out of the office, they won’t disrupt your work in the middle of the day.

Automate Your Work

Automation is a great way to get more work done on a daily basis. By automating some of your regular tasks, you have more time to focus on other things that require your attention. Look for software and tools that you can use to automate your work so that you can reduce your workload. Some clever programmers even create their own programs to automate parts of their work, giving themselves much more screen time. If the tool doesn’t already exist, consider paying someone to make it for you or making it yourself if you have the skills.

Upgrade Your Computer

Upgrading your computer can make it faster and more powerful. One option if you’re looking to upgrade is simply to buy a brand-new computer. This might be the best option if you’re currently working on an older one. Of course, if you’re an employee, you will need to convince your employer that getting you a new one is worth it. Another option might be to upgrade certain parts of your computer, such as the hard drive, CPU, or GPU. Increasing the amount of RAM you have is also a good way to upgrade and get more done. 

Clean Up Your Machine

Over time, your computer can become cluttered and slow. It collects files that you no longer need and that will affect its performance. Fortunately, you can clean it up to help it speed up again and improve its performance. Regularly cleaning up your machine is a great way to work faster and improve your productivity. The easiest way to do it is often to use a cleanup tool that will detect unnecessary files and delete them for you. However, you can do it manually if you don’t mind spending the time looking for files to delete.

Make Sure Connections Are Speedy

One thing that can slow you down when you’re working on a computer is slow connections. Whether it’s an internet connection or a connection to another device or network, it can mean you work a lot slower than you might like. Speeding up any connections you’re using could help you work much faster and allow you to be more productive. Start by checking your internet connection and ensuring it’s as fast as it can be. You might want to consider switching to a different ISP if you want faster speeds.

Learn Clever Shortcuts

Computer shortcuts are often easy to learn and are really handy when you want to save some time. Knowing how to perform the things you want to do with a keyboard shortcut or other actions that save you time might not increase your productivity by a huge amount, but it can definitely help. Even the most simple actions like using CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste things can save you time because it means you can carry out these actions without having to switch between your keyboard and mouse.

Remove Distractions

It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re working on a computer. There are so many things that might draw your attention when you should be working, including social media, emails, and many other distractions. You might be looking at Brazilian translation to English one minute, and cute videos of animals the next! There are various ways you might try to avoid getting distracted when you’re working. Some people find it helpful to make the application they’re using full-screen so that they’re not tempted to switch to other apps while they work. It’s also helpful to make sure you’re not getting constant notifications from emails and other things that will take your attention away from what you’re doing.

Use Healthy Desk Habits

Making healthy choices while you’re at your desk can help you to be more productive. There are lots of things that can help you stay healthy while working with a computer. Taking regular breaks allows you to give your eyes a rest. You can also take the opportunity to stretch and stand up. Make sure your desk setup uses ergonomic principles to protect your wrists and arms, your back, and other parts of your body.

Use these productivity tips to get more done on your computer so that you can save time and get better results.

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