Five Ways to Envision Your Ideal Life

Have you ever wished that you could get way more out of your life than you have right now? Have you looked out of the window and pictured white sugar beaches that you feel like you’re never going to stand on? Moana said it right – where the line of the sky meets the sea, it calls me. This could be you, so what’s stopping you finding the horizon?

We can create what we imagine, just like when we create a vision board, which you can learn more here about. If you can picture what your ideal life would be, you have the power to make it happen. This is magic and fairy tales, this is reality. You are more than capable of making what you want to happen happen. We’ve got a list of five ways that you can envision your ideal life – so that you can finally make it happen for you.

  • Consider 10 years from now. Sit down somewhere quiet and comfortable and close your eyes. Now think about what you would imagine your life to be like in 10 years. Where would you live? What type of lifestyle will you have? What type of career would you want? If you can picture where you would like your life to be in 10 years, what would it look like? Now put that together on a vision board and write that down.
  • Put it into words. Each of those questions that you asked in the previous points need to be put into answers. Write those questions down, and write down those paragraphs that will tell you what you would like your life to be. If you can envision the life that you would like, then you can work towards it and make it happen for yourself.
  • What does a typical day look like? You know what your life looks like right now, what will it look like in 10 years? What would it look like when you wake up and look out the window? What view would you have? These are all things you should think about, because well you can’t necessarily change your reality right this second in this moment, you can make the future you the happiest you could ever be.
  • Put this vision board somewhere you will see it. Put affirmations and quotes around your bedroom mirror, and cover your bathroom mirror in pictures of the places you would love to see. These all subconsciously remind you that you are powerful as a human being and you can do anything you want. Put your vision board somewhere that you would actually be able to see it every day and that way, every time you walk past it you will feel fuelled with motivation.
  • Say it. Every single day, say what you want from your life and put it out there in the universe. There is plenty of evidence out there to show that when people manifest, things can happen. After all, we are all made from energy, everything is made from energy. If you could attract the energy towards you, you’re going to be in the best possible position for the life that you want.

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