Business Ideas: How Can You Find The Next Big Thing?

You’re probably reading this today because you want to launch a new business, and you’re a keen entrepreneur.

You want to launch a business with one or more innovative, cutting-edge products. Moreover, you want to do so before your competitors get a headstart on you.

However, the problem you face is that you can’t think of something new and exciting to offer your target market. What can you do?

While this blog post can’t tell you the products you need to launch, it aims to provide ideas for where you can seek inspiration. Check out these examples:

Listen To What Annoys People The Most

Have you ever heard of the saying, “necessity is the mother of all invention”? One of the best ways to create an innovative new product is by listening to people’s concerns or “pain points.”

For example, lots of folks you know may have a common problem with a specific tool they use for DIY, and you’ve thought of a revised tool design that solves this common issue. 

Another example might relate to people who smoke pre-rolled cannabis purchased from a local store.

You might come up with an innovative doob tube case design that is airtight, compact, and convenient to store compared to similar storage products already on the market.

Think Of Your Own Unsolved Problems

Sometimes you can gain inspiration through solving a problem you currently experience and for which there doesn’t exist an ideal solution.

You might not know it, but many popular products on the market today are a result of people coming up with their own ideas to fix issues they experience in their daily lives.

Do Some Online Research

Another way to find inspiration for a new cutting-edge product might be by conducting some online research. For instance, you could read through Facebook groups or online forums dedicated to your specific niche market to gain some inspiration.

You might come across some common issues or pain points experienced by others and then invent a new product that solves those issues, saving those people a lot of time, tears, and, of course, money!

Analyze Current Trends

One thing you should never do is try to invent a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. A good way of avoiding making such a mistake is by analyzing current market trends for your specific niche.

During such analysis, you will ultimately discover common themes, and from there, determine whether you can create a new product or revise an existing design that better caters to your market’s needs.

Adapt An Existing Solution For A New Market

Lastly, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to come up with something amazing for your target market. Instead, you can look at existing solutions and make them better!

Often, product manufacturers design solutions to meet specific price points, and by doing so, they might sacrifice durability, reliability, or ease of use.

You may discover that you could create a better solution that uses different construction materials for robustness without significantly increasing costs for customers.


Hopefully, you have gained some inspiration from the above ideas. You may also know of some related places to get innovative new product ideas in addition to what you’ve read here today and gain lots of new customers to your brand..

Good luck!

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