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Skipping the esoteric conversation about human nature and the meaning of life (it’s 42 by the way) the question here is who and what is Boss Report Card. I am going to skip some of the more HR jargon. Let me try to paint the picture of why we started this website and what we hope others can get out of it.

What is Boss Report Card and why are we here?

One of the things I have found frustrating in my career is not being able to actually give real feedback. Now sure, some companies have a “360 review” process that supposedly does that but lets be real, nobody is 100% honest on those things. Boss Report Card was thought up as a way to give meaningful feedback and inform decisions. This allows for everyone to have an equal voice and share (what I hope to be) the pros of bosses and, unfortunately at times, some of the things we have to watch out for.

In this community you will have the ability to grade your boss on 6 very important qualities that every good boss should have..

  • Employee Development where your boss cares about your personal and professional development.
  • Communication from your boss  is clear, consistent, comprehensive, and adaptable.
  • Integrity which means your boss can be relied upon to do the right thing in their actions.
  • Employee Empowerment where your boss allows you to work independently, gives you  decision-making ability, and supports you.
  • Knowledgeable which means your boss knows your day-to-day activities, understands the practical aspects of your work, understands the industry, and comprehends the overall business strategy.
  • Authenticity relates to your boss being sincere and genuine.

With Boss Report Cards of prior, current, or future bosses at your finger tips you will be able to make a more informed decisions about one of those most critical  people in your life – your Boss (sorry significant others and children but it’s true). Which, up until now, has been mostly guess work.

So that, I hope, answers the why but onto the who are we.

Who are we?

We are three people who brought this idea into fruition.

  • Two of us have HR backgrounds in everything from employee relations, training, leadership coaching, engagement, and HR technology.
  • One is a tech geek with a background in marketing, graphic design, and web development.

For me specifically, I have never been a manager. While I do work in HR I’ve always been a worker bee so this is my point of reference for my interaction with bosses and how I wanted to frame this entire project.

As a worker bee I know that a good boss can make the world come alive with rainbows and sun beams lighting up your very existence. Ok, not really. But it does at least make going to work at least somewhat enjoyable. I’ve also had the pain of a bad boss where each day feels like there is a chain holding you to your bed and the day is all about finding an excuse not to give in to that wonderful bliss of the return home.

We want to bring a voice to everyone and try to help out in one of the most difficult choices to make….who should I work for.

With all that said please take the time to join the Boss Report Card Community where you will be heard and you will have access to information about prior, current, or future bosses.  Start now by grading your boss.


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