3 Terrible Workplace Phrases That Need to Stop

3 workplace phrases to endFor me in my daily life at work there are certain phrases that get used that make my soul shrivel each time I hear them. It’s become this everyday jargon that I have also developed my own meanings for.

I want to share some of these buzz phrases and words and also what I believe to be their true meaning. As I don’t want to just complain I also want to propose alternatives to replace these phrases and words to help us all out and actually convey the right message.

Workplace Phrase: “I’ll ping you”

Why does it need to stop?

You are not a submarine or a radar user (unless you are a bat in which case we have other problems)

What are you really trying to say?

“I have no idea how to answer this right now and I will get back in touch with you when I have figured it out.”


“I will email (or call) you later”

Workplace Phrase: “It’s best practice”

Why does it need to stop?

I get that there are some methods that are better than others but saying something is the best is a pretty bold statement that people tend to overuse. At one point in history it was best practice to throw some leeches on people but things have evolved since then. I have found people use this as a way to defend their own point of view rather than something that is definitively the best option.

What are you really trying to say?

“I have run out of arguments for why this needs to be this way and I will make a generalizing sweeping statement that this is the best way to do things.”


“Based on our situation and looking at how other similar companies are doing things I believe this is our best course of action.”

Workplace Phrase: “It keeps me up at night”

Why does it need to stop?

I don’t want to say there are not some individuals who genuinely lose sleep over issues (I am one of them) but this will be for those that just use this for effect. When I see this statement used to be dramatic it raises a feeling of annoyance right away. Something like this needs to be saved for true dire circumstances and not thrown around just for effect.

What are you really trying to say?

“This is a problem we need to look at right away and I feel the need to be a bit dramatic to call out attention to it. Please feel the same way I do.”


“This is a problem and here are the risks associated if we do not look at it and solve it right away.”

These are my first three phrases I am ranting about. As there is an abundance of phrases and buzzwords being thrown around every day I am sure I will be back with more soon.

Please feel free to share any phrases or buzzwords that drive you bonkers in the comments below.

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